student feedback

"I have met many good instructors. With his ability to connect with students, and his ever constant attention to safety, Kevin is the best."

-- Had Erdogan

"I can fly like a bird! I watched and listened as Kevin gave paragliding lessons to my 14-year-old daughter, and I was inspired by the skill and safety that are the foundation of his teaching. The following year, I began lessons with Kevin myself. I was 55 years old, and a new world of fun, community, and exploring opened up for me. The beginning is so important: With Kevin, I developed the habits of movement and awareness that make me a successful and safe paraglider pilot. He is quite intuitive, knowing when to give advice and when to allow a student to find the answers on her own. After mastering skills with my glider at the training hill, it was time for the first flights. Hearing his voice on my radio – calmly coaching, reassuring, and guiding my flight – I have gained the experience to fly on my own. Throughout my training, Kevin tailored my lessons to my strengths and weaknesses as a student. It is Kevin's way of teaching and mentoring that has allowed me to bring a dream into reality. I give Kevin my highest recommendation as a paragliding instructor!"

-- Blythe Lasley, USHPA 86525

"As soon as I landed from a tandem flight at the 2004 Starthistle Fly-in, I immediately signed up for lessons with Kevin. I soon realized how lucky I was to have him for an instructor. He is an easy-going individual with a calm reassuring personality. This is a good thing as most newbies are somewhat anxious about leaving terra firma. Kevin is the kind of instructor that will let you progress at your own pace. He never made me feel rushed or pressured into doing something that I was not ready for. My safety was Kevin’s primary concern. He wants you to be completely comfortable and competent at each step of the training process. He is also the kind of instructor that will consider you his student forever, always giving you guidance and feedback long after you have graduated. Kevin is an extremely skilled pilot and outstanding instructor. I am truly thankful that Kevin was and still is my paragliding instructor."

-- Doug Lester, USHPA 82697 P4

"Kevin Lee of Thermal Tracking Paraglidng, is nothing less then my flying guru, mentor, and hero. I met Kevin as a beginner P2 pilot coming off some pretty bad training. He took me under his wing, and molded me into a safe, intelligent, and wise pilot. Over the years I have come back to him anytime I had a question or problem, his kind spirit has always welcomed me and provided me with the wisdom I was seeking. His students are not only well educated but are some of safest pilots flying in the skies today. Their track records are proof of this testament. It is an honor to have his name on my advanced ratings, and he would be my first choice as an instructor to anyone interested in learning to fly."

-- Kimbelry Phinney, P4

"I found Kevin to be the ideal teacher. Kevin is patient, caring, and willing to spend as much time as is needed for you to feel ready to fledge. That was an immense help as I am not athletically inclined, and I was both scared and clumsy. I don’t think any other teacher could have gotten me past myself! Now I have my lifelong dream…I CAN FLY!"

-- Ann Hansen

"Kevin Lee is a wonderful instructor. We highly recommend lessons through his school. If you want to learn how to fly, how to handle your wing, how to enjoy yourself in the air, how to be safe, and how to have fun – take lessons with Kevin Lee and Thermal Tracker!

Kevin is a carrying and kind man – rare in life. Kevin listens. It is very fun to fly and be with him. We have had the privilege of knowing Kevin now for seven years. We started as novices and gained our P2 ratings. And he still lets us tag along – even after all these years – with the new students. We learn more every time.

In Oregon the best place to learn to paraglide is at the training hill near Emigrant Lake in Ashland, with Woodrat Mt. close at hand. Learning any sport has a progression. In skiing you start with the bunny hill and progress up to the black diamonds. In paragliding you start with Emigrant Lake with a bunny slope and green grass and progress to mid-launch at Woodrat and then to the top with the north and west launches. This is Kevin's backyard.

Kevin Lee goes the extra mile – every time all the time. All the little things – things you do not even know about as a novice – reserves, speed system, and the list goes on.

Kevin has infinite patience – a rare quality. Beginning students make the same mistakes time and time again. We have experienced it as students and witnessed it with new students again and again. Kevin takes his students to Emigrant Lake, Hornbrook, Woodrat, Pine Mt, Cape Kiwanda, and other locations. Always teaching, always a friend, and always good company.

Also, be sure to book a trip to fly in Ecuador with Kevin Lee and Thermal Tracker!"

-- Bob & Jane McWorter