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fly Ecuador this winter!

In the dead of winter, we all have those dreams of flying and exploring someplace warm and beautiful... This is it!

Thermal Tracker Paragliding invites you to join us in our tradition of winter paragliding adventure tours to the beautiful, awe-inspiring mountains and coastal regions of Ecuador!

Ecuador is a diverse country. One of the richest lands on our planet for its exotic flora and fauna and also its culture and people. From glaciers down to warm ocean beaches, meandering through Amazon rain forests and dry regions all just a few hours apart, travelers can look forward to unimaginable encounters with nature and communities. Ecuador is simply a beautiful country to discover. On our two-week trip, we try to show as much of this diverse country as possible.

Opportunities abound, with time spent exploring the high Andes mountains, flying among some of the most beautiful peaks in South America. And below, on the warm Ecuadorian coast, we enjoy relaxed soaring and exploring along miles of smooth, coastal ridge sites to your heart's content.

For pilots and non-pilots alike, we have a strong commitment to explore the ground-based beauty of this country: visiting indigenous markets full of crafts and textiles, and discovering warm people that will make your visit home like. You will see more of Ecuador than you ever imagined.

Our guides are local pilots we have enjoyed working with since 1994. They have many years of professional experience leading adventure tours, and they are dear friends who add immeasurably to our Ecuadorian experience.

All ground expenses in Ecuador are included: lodging, transportation, drivers, guides, air shuttle from the coast. Each group is limited in size to promote quality, so reserve early to secure your space in this winter's adventure. Ecuador's economy has gone through dramatic changes and costs are constantly changing from year to year.

Contact us for pricing and ask for a free tour video and referrals, or check the links below for photos, stories, and more information.



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