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Thermal Tracker Paragliding offers comprehensive paragliding instruction in southern Oregon for all skill levels and ages, from beginner lessons to advanced instruction, thermal/XC clinics to SIV safety courses, and more.

We offer full certification for pilots (P1 through P4) and tandem instructors.

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One-Day Introductory Paragliding Lesson – $200

Your day lesson begins with an equipment introduction and demonstration. You begin ground handling, also known as "kiting" with the aid of your instructor. We practice inflating and controlling the wing on the ground, learning the launch sequence, discussing the landing, and steering skills before introducing the element of flight. If appropriate to the student's progression and weather, most students fly on the first day.

Two-Day Introductory Lesson – $375

This program includes an introduction to the paraglider and associated equipment, basic weather, and ground handling that will lead to your first low altitude solo flights. This program also consists of ground school on the mechanics, equipment, and techniques involved in paragliding. The course is designed as an introduction to the sport that will enable you to make an educated decision regarding paragliding and you. If you decide to continue with the Novice (P2) program, fees will be applied towards it.

Novice (P2) Paraglider Certification Program – $2200

You have made the decision to become a certified paraglider pilot. This program is an intensive course designed to produce a safe, confident and competent pilot. During this program you will learn about glider aerodynamics, meteorology, thermal flying, ridge soaring, flight maneuvers and emergency procedures. We focus on building your launching, landing and flight techniques through intensive ground handling (kiting), low altitude solo flights, flight simulations and ground school. You will complete the USHPA-mandated skills, flights, and flying days.

The course length is variable; the average student should expect to spend 8-12 days of training, with other students requiring more time. After the completion of the course you will have acquired the skills and knowledge to fly without direct instructor supervision at certain sites. This is the start of your Paragliding career. You will have the greatest success learning to paraglide if you can immerse yourself in the course and then continue flying or kiting regularly after completing your lessons. Private lessons are also available and our fees are structured on an individual basis.

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